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TMJ Arthroscopic Surgery in México

This procedure is especially indicated in joint blockages and localized pain in the joint. Contrary to popular belief, arthroscopy performed in the initial phase of the disease restores the anatomical relationships of the TMJ and prevents the progression of symptoms.

Main symptoms of TMJ Disorders

The symptoms of TMJ disorders are often confused with a number of other conditions, find out for sure if the symptoms correspond to this disorder with an evaluation consultation with Dr. Victor Hugo Gonzalez. The symptoms are:

  • Mandibular block
  • Internal clicking during mouth opening
  • Pain in the jaw or at the level of the temples
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Tight jaw muscles

Over time, symptoms may worsen. Medication, home remedies and cold compresses may offer temporary relief, but will not repair or reverse the damage to the TMJ. The only permanent relief is through surgical treatment of the TMJ (in patients for whom conservative treatment did not work).

TMJ specialist in México Dr. Victor Hugo Gonzalez

Who is a candidate for TMJ arthroscopy?​

Patients who have had more than two months of conservative treatment, such as medication, occlusal guards, or physical therapy, are candidates for a diagnostic and/or temporomandibular joint arthroscopy procedure.

Write your case, we will contact you.

Stages of TMJ arthroscopy treatment

Evaluation of your case
We request radiological studies such as X-ray of the TMJ and / or CT of the Facial Mass, among others. Based on these studies and the evaluation consultation, the indicated treatment will be determined.

TMJ Arthroscopy
Arthroscopy consists of introducing small cannulas into the TMJ, which allow visualization of the joint, at rest and in motion. At the same time, it allows to perform a series of surgical procedures through the use of special instruments aimed at improving the condition of the joint, its mobility and above all, reduce pain.

In most cases, surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, which means that as soon as the patient recovers from the anesthesia, he or she can leave the hospital. Most patients experience a greater degree of oral opening at the end of the surgical procedure. 

Physical therapy 
Physiotherapy is started in the first week after arthroscopy, this will increase the oral opening and return to chewing function as quickly as possible.

Medical tourism TMJ Surgery in Sinaloa, México.

All procedures are performed in «La perla del pacifico» Mazatlan, Sinaloa, México. Mazatlan is one of the best places to visit and easy to get to by plane. If you want to see more about Mazatlan, click here. In atm treatments, it is possible to make a first approach in video call, we will request radiological studies that allow us to give an accurate diagnosis, later, you will know if you are a candidate for an arthroscopy of atm and its treatments. If the procedure is performed, you will have to stay in the city for at least 5 days accompanied by a family member.

Specialist in temporomandibular joint disorders by minimally invasive arthroscopy. 

  • Mini-residency training in TMJ Arthroscopy at the University of Maryland USA.
  • Certified by the Mexican Council of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • Certified by the Mexican Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Ade Sanchez
United States
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In December 2021 I received tmj treatment. The atm arthroscopy was a relief for the pain I was suffering all day long due to joint wear and tear.
Emily Smith
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I received "conservative" treatments in the United States that did not give me a solution, then I saw a post by Dr. Victor Hugo about the arthroscopy of atm, I immediately made an appointment to evaluate my case, 2 months later I had the surgery in Mazatlan, incredible experience, thank you.

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