Function and aesthetics of the face; always go hand in hand


Function and aesthetics of the face;  always go hand in hand

Dr Victor Hugo Gonzalez Angulo
Maxillofacial Surgery

The main functions of the facial mass (face) is to allow chewing through the mouth and breathing through the nose and via the upper air. If any of these basic structures is not working normally, we can hardly present an adequate aesthetic.

Talking about aesthetics has always been controversial, as each person has different concepts for beauty. However, we rely on standards and facial measurements to determine the normality of a face.

We as a team, and mainly as a maxillofacial surgeon, do not find myself guided by facial cosmetic surgery, my main goal is to restore the lost function of the facial skeleton. Always, when you have an optimal function of the face you will have an adequate aesthetic, so my motto is, function and aesthetics go hand in hand.

But how is this? Here  An example:

A person can have an alteration in the face due to the lack of mandibular growth, and this can lead to a dentofacial disharmony with a small jaw (retrognacia) and chin (retrogeny) and an overgrown jaw.

The main characteristics of this alteration are night snoring, the impression of a short neck or double chin, excessive exposure of the gum when laughing, etc.

A person with the naked eye would opt for a chin implant, Bichat fat ball removal (bichectomy), cervical liposuction (commonly known as lipopapate) and gingivoplasty (gum clipping);  without restoring function.

The correction of the function would be restored with an ORTHOGNATIC SURGERY for an intrusion of the maxilla, so as not to show gum; a mandibular and chin advancement (advancement mentoplasty), expanding the airway allowing adequate breathing and not snoring, increasing the neck, giving the impression of a stylized neck, and harmonizing the face.

This just to cite a classic example in the day-to-day consultation of our service.

The correct use of technologies and radiographic studies allow us to be predictable in the treatment of these disorders, remember that we are in the information age and you can easily investigate these issues.

If you have doubts about the management we do with our patients, do not hesitate to contact us.

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